The Flame of Chabad Animated Slide and Music Movie
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1056K AVI file or 1326K QuickTime file
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8506K AVI file. 27 seconds long with CD quality stereo music.
Chabad logo rendered in white fire on black fire. Created with Caligari TrueSpace2 using Cinepack compression, texture mapping and motion blur. The Rebbe encouraged us to utilize all our talents, and he set the example by doing so himself. Created using Adobe Premiere, Metatools Final Effects, SoundScape WinDat, and Lview Pro.
Spanning the Globe The Glow of Shabbos
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1059K AVI file or 1353K QuickTime file
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16K JPEG file
The Rebbe's focus has always been universal. Encompassing every Jew equally and showing no favoritism to anyone no matter what their level of observance. Shabbos brings peace and tranquility. Ray-traced image created with Calligari TrueSpace2 using refraction and environment mapping techniques.

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Gallery Director: Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund