Essays on Various Troubling Topics

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Bitachon (Trust in G-d)
We all face difficult situations in the course of life. This is short essay about the value of Bitachon in the face of an obstacle. Based on a sichot of the Rebbe, shlita.
Bitachon and Divine Providence
Can we change our reality with Bitachon? Is this a way to make G-d give us what we want? This essay builds on the previous essay to increase our understanding of what Bitachon is about.
The Essence of Chabad Chassidus
Is Chabad Chassidus characteristically different from other forms of Torah study? And if so - what makes it special?
Why can't Chabad be more like "Mainstream Orthodoxy"?
Why do Chabadniks have to be different from everyone else? In particular, why don't they do outreach in a "normal" fashion like other "Mainstream Orthodox" groups?
How can one tell if a person is truly a Chabad Chassid?
Who really speaks for Chabad? Who has the right to call himself a Chabadnik?
Can we trade land for peace?
What is the real underlying issue, and how do we deal with the disputes within the Jewish and Orthodox community about this issue.
On Giving Rebuke: A Guide to the Hypercritical and Hypersensitive
What is it about getting a rebuke in public that stings so much? What is the place for criticism and rebukes according to Chassidic thought?
Gush Katif: The Way Forward
The truth of what happened and the true path to peace.
Truth, Ortho-Truth, and a Strong Moral Compass
How does one deal with suicide bombers according to Torah?
In Search of Truth
Historical Parallels as a Means of Understanding the Rise of Arab Nationalism
The True Special Forces
What can we learn from Military Special and Psychological Operations?

Author: Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund