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Scroll of the End of Days, Acrylic on canvas

Boruch Nachson Gallery

Boruch Nachson is a Chassidic artist living in Chevron, Israel. He is known for his use of bright, vivid Acrylic paints and his ability to give form to mystical concepts. There are currently 8 pictures in his gallery.
(phone: 972-2-961-032)

Niggun (Chassidic Melody) in Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Michoel Muchnik Gallery

Michoel Muchnik is a Chassidic artist living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his use of soft pastel colors and for creating images that appeal to both child and adult alike. There are currently 5 pictures in his gallery. Also visit the official Muchnik website for more pictures and purchasing.

A Chassidic Wedding

Zalman Kleinman Gallery

Zalman Kleinman zt"l was a Chassidic artist living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Unlike many other current Chassidic artists, who come from a Baaley Teshuva background, Zalman came from a family that has been with Chabad for many generations. He was a self-taught artist, who I have met with personally, and who embodied the true menchlichkeit and quiet sincerity of an elder Chabadnik. His artwork is stunning in its ability to be both life-like and 3 Dimensional. There are currently 20 pictures in his gallery.   (phone: 718-774-9149)

The Rebbe during Chol HaMoed Sukkos

Pictures of the Rebbe

Pictures in this gallery come from a variety of photographers. The Rebbe is a difficult subject to capture in photographs (and even harder in artwork). Those who are mavens will be able to tell from these photographs which photographer was taking the picture. However, I am not such a maven. There are currently 9 pictures in this gallery.

All pictures in this gallery have been created by scanning artwork 300 dpi with 24 bits of color resolution. The artwork in the Nachshon and Muchnik galleries were created by scanning normal color offset prints. The artwork of Zalman Kleinman gallery and the pictures of the Rebbe were obtained directly by scanning Kodalux prints.

The Chassidic Art Institute in Brooklyn, 718-774-9149 is a dealer in Chassidic art. If you are interested in obtaining originals or high quality copies of this artwork (posters, or tempra) you should call them directly - as they are the agents for most of these artists.

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Gallery Director: Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund