A New Light Revealed (ii)

map5.jpg (69896 bytes)The above-described inner content of the exile is explained in the teachings of Chassidus by means of the analogy of a mentor and his disciple.

Picture a teacher transmitting a concept to his disciple. If, in the midst of his exposition, a new thought is born in his mind, he must immediately deflect his attention to this new inspiration, lest it vanish. [Paradoxically,] it is this intense and deep-seated love for his disciple that impels him to focus on the new inspiration and to absorb it, in order to be able to share it eventually with his disciple.

Now, the more exalted this new concept, the more completely will he have to divert his attention to it - even to the point that this waiting disciple will feel that he has been forsaken, and relegated to a state resembling exile or destruction.

In truth, however, only in outward appearance is this a state of exile or destruction; ultimately, this very state is the pinnacle of revelation. Indeed, the very fact that the mentor is willing, for the sake of his disciple, to divert his attention from him in order to absorb the new concept, proves how precious that new idea is - to the point that it is even worth producing a moment of exile or destruction in the mind of the disciple, so long as he will ultimately be able to illuminate his mind with his new perception.

The greater the temporary obscurity, therefore, the more completely does it prove how great is the promised revelation.

The above model enables us to grasp the inner meaning of the present exile. Even though what presents itself to all external appearances is exile and destruction, when perceived from within this is the pinnacle of revelation - for the imminent revelation of the future Redemption warrants a transient experience of exile and destruction.

Likeutei Sichot, Vol. 2, p. 360

From: MiGolah LiGeulah - From Exile to Redemption