Questions and Answers about Moshiach

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If we expect Moshiach to come immediately, and he does not, won't we be disappointed?
Rabbi Manis Friedman
The mistake of the spies; Chassidim before/after the histalkus of the Rebbe; the difference between Chasidim and Chasidimlach
The importance of learning about Moshiach
Doesn't the Rambam say not to spend too much time learning about Moshiach?
Faith & Moshiach
Moshiach is a matter of FAITH - and therefore super-rational. What does it have to do with intellect and learning - which is rational?
The World Situation
If Moshiach is coming, why do things seem to be getting worse?
A New Light Revealed
Why should we have to go through this golus?
Authority and Sechel
One thing about rational arguments - you can't argue from authority. No matter how much more someone knows than me, you can't tell me, well he holds X, so you must too. If you are arguing rational you have to convince me of X, or accept that I am not rationally convinced.

Author: Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund